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We provide a mega-church singles ministry experience so single Christians can stay in their small rural churches. We respect an individual's membership in their church at all times.




 Believer's Community events are for a single Christian sitting alone in church who just wants a conversation with another single Christian.. We are hoping to reach the rural single single Christian and the single Christian in the small towns. Once a month we will be doing an event in the Warrenton, Louisburg , Oxford and Henderson Area.



 If you live with in driving distance from any of these counties: Franklin, Vance, Warren or Granville and want to get emails from us visit  First create a profile on then select our meetup site.

Yes you can use this if you meet some one at a Believer's Community event, You can refer that you are own this site as a way of being contacted

Your small rural church can advertise Single Related events on . We are interested in Children activities, Sports activities, Women's Bible Studies and Men activities as well as Church Social events you want to invite your friends.

Since we have a meetup group there will be no fliers passed out at the Believers' Community Events 





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2-1-16 638