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Believer's Community

We provide a mega-church singles ministry experience so single christians can stay in their small rural churches.

We respect an individual's membership in their church at all times

When looking at believer's community events , try look at the single christian sitting alone in church who just wants a conversation with another single christian.They are willing to drive about 50 minutes from work to have connection with other single christians.Believers Community coverage area is Greenville and Goldsboro to the east,Fayetteville to the south,Rocky Mount to the north and Raleigh to the west.We are wanting to reach the rural single single christian and the single christian in the small towns

Below is our schelude in a 12 month period


6-10-11 a 1 hour concert 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm with lisa jackson , it was a mixture of country ,rock and roll,christian favorites and a just a good time.We had about 23 people
7-3- 11 Garner Fireworks  with total strangers,we average about 12 singles from Goldsboro ,Rocky Mount ,Fayetteville,Greenville,Raleigh and Morrisville.We meet at 7:30 pm and carravan to the Garner Fireworks at 8:00 pm. Email us for Directions .You will just drive into the parking lot before we leave
7-8-11  We do a cook out and Volleyball game at the House of hope  in Clayton North Carolina.This is part of our annual outreach to Johnston county  .House of Hope is a family reunfication ministry for troubled girls 12 to 17 years old and their family.The girls and their family get counseling on how to be a family.They have their own school.Then  Sara Hughes and her staff does a question and anwers session.Please bring something to grill and we will provide the rest.We are charging $5 per family to cover our cost.All uneaten food will be donated to the House of Hope.If we clear any money from our expenses, it will be donated to the House of hope. website is
8-12-11 Mudcats Baseball game  .Skybox seating in cattails at 5 county staduim section 3, we have 18 seats purchased at $12.50.All proceeds are going to the Pastor's Friend Ministries.Our goal is to raise $225 toward church planting.Their website is
9-9-11 We do a cook out at the church SWAMP Singles Without A Meal Plan  charge 5 dollars per family invite single parents provide a grill and all the fixings ,people bring something to grill from 7 pm to 8:15 pm then give Les Burleson Canes Hockey Chaplain 30 minutes to speak and 15 minutes of questions.The location will be Raleigh Christian Community Church,direction are on the website
Sept /October Do a fundraiser for  the professional hockey league chaplains at a fireantz hockey game in Fayetteville,  advertising on WRTP his radio We attend a saturday night game.We need a head count from you to know how many tickets to order
10-14-11 15 minutes of Social time 15 minutes of ice breakers gear toward what if you had become a foster child Then give an hour for speaker and Questions allow 30 minutes for over run for questions Falcon Children's Home Falcon North Carolina. After event at applebee's in knightdale Their website is
11-11-11  Zebulon outreach 7 pm to 8:30 pm eating at the steak house in zebulon  the emphasis is mainly social plus we are reaching out half way to those in Wilson , Spring Hope, Selma ,Wendell and Smithfield.We will have a 20 minute speaker
12-9-11 Purely a social event with a singer Dan Tan providing the music . Christmas party  give the single in a small church a nice christmas party at our expense.The location is Raleigh Christian Community Church near Knightdale
1-13-12  Purely Social event.  7 pm to 8:30 pm  our dowtown town outreach 20% of food  bought will go to one of our charities.. Ciago @ Johnson street and Saint Mary's Downtown Raleigh.The charity has been selcted .We hope to announce the details in the near future
(If 1st fireantz hockey is successful as a fundraiser ,may do an additional fundraiser from jan to march 1 fundraiser)
2-10-12 Schelude  speaker.Beth Ann Taylor   King Parks International Church.The location is Raleigh Christian Community near Knightdale.The after event is at applebee's in Knightdale
3-9-12  Purely a Social Outreach to Jonhston county Bowling Rainbow lanes in Clayton 7 pm to 9 pm Lane availability not confirmed yet, prayer at start and end.An unassigned ministry yet to be named will be there .
4-13-12 A traditional believers community format speaker  with anna burgess taliking about her Turkey Mission Trip.Location is Raleigh Christian Community near Knightdale.After event will be at Applebee's  in Knightdale 
5-11-12 zebulon/wilson  outreach eating at the steak house in zebulon  or a church in wilson mainly social with 20  minutes of speaking .If you are in Wilson and want to sponsor believers community,please contact us.
6-8-12   Believers community in durham or rocky mount  location and speaker not found, consider this an open date.Yes if you want to sponsor this please contact us
7-3-12 Garner fireworks for total strangers
 July ,August or Sept We do 1 cook out and Volleyball game at the House of hope in Clayton   ..Then  Sara Hughes and her staff does a question and anwers session
The first mudcats game in warm weather on the 2nd friday believers community will plan it as a fundraiser.It will be in section 209 the non-alcohol section behind home plate 
 July August & Sept We do a cook out at the church SWAMP Singles Without A Meal Plan  charge 5 dollars per family invite single parents provide a grill and all the fixings ,people bring something to grill from 7 pm to 8:30 pm then give 20 minutes and group discussion.This may be a video series projected on the side of the building
Look at a 50 mile radius around each event as in driving distance at the following cities ,Knightdale ,Raleigh, Clayton,Garner, Fayetteville,Zebulon and Durham or Rocky Mount.If you live with in driving distance from  any of these towns and want to get emails from us,go to will get 3 emails per event we do