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  • For Henderson, Louisburg, Oxford and Warrenton area singles you can buy your hurricane hockey tickets to help  Ex-Sex Slave in India March 13th.

    • Supper at George"s  March 13th  

      Meeting between 5:30 to 5:45 pm  Ending at 8 pm

      Ask wait staff for single Christians for believer's community event

      From US 1 Take NC 39 west 1 mile after rail road tracks turn left on Garnett

      George"s is across the Street Clock tower and Fire Station

      Please Bring Children

      From Louisburg intersection of NC 561 and US 401 / NC 39 go 17.8 miles north on NC 39. Turn left on Garnett Street after Railroad tracks. Go 2/10th of a mile. George"s after Charles Street and across from clock tower/ Fire department

    • Please contact us through our website 

    • From NC 39 Turn on Garnett Street go west 2/10th of a mile, George"s is on the left.

    • Come with Us to watch NHL Hockey our Hurricanes Vs Devils Sunday March 27th at 5 pm. 
      Help us raise money to help former and rescued child sex slave to resume a normal life

      Set Them Free that rescues children from Sex Slavery in India ages range from 4 to 13.Currently they have 20 children in an orphanage in Mumbai India.Set them free supply medical,dental, clothing,housing, food, counseling, religious instruction and education

      There is a second group of older girls. How these children became involved in the Sex Trade varies from girl to girl. These girls have been kicked out of the brothels. Since their family has rejected them, to survive they can sell themselves back to being a Sex Slave. These girls are from 18 to 22 years old, there are 8 girls in this program in Deli, India. Set them free provide religious and vocational education as well as housing,clothing, medical,dental and food.

      Current budget is $500 monthly to a thousand dollars in some months. 94% of donations go to the care of children. No staff take any salary. There are some minimal administrative cost to transfer money, do inspections , evaluation and effectiveness of programs

      How to help these girls. It is simple Come with Us to watch NHL Hockey our Hurricanes Vs Devils Sunday March 27th at 5 pm. Tickets are $45. Once we get 10 or more people to come we get a group discount of $20 per ticket. $10 will go to a local singles or outreach ministry who is helping us and $10 will go to Set them free International. 

      Set Them Free International Ministries P.O. Box 622 Athens Alabama 36511